Alit Yousif, MD

About Dr. Alit Yousif, MD

Alit Yousif, MD is our Center for Breast Health Medical Director. She graduated from Wayne State Medical School, held her internship and residency at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn Michigan, and finally her Fellowship in Neuroradiology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit Michigan.

Dr. Yousif comes to us from the Imaging Division at Karmanos Cancer Institute where she held a position as a diagnostic radiologist and investigator. In 2010 she joined the neuroradiology team and aided in developing advanced MR imaging protocols including MR spectroscopy and functional MRI.

During this time, Dr. Yousif’s interest and focus on women’s wellness and breast imaging grew; as she directed her diagnostic and academic skills to renowned Karmanos Cancer Center’s Walt Breast Center. As Principal Investigator on several clinical trials, she eventually became Director of Breast Imaging in 2018.

Dr. Yousif specializes in all modalities of breast imaging and performs minimally invasive breast procedures including image-guided biopsies.

Dr. Yousif’s research interests include breast cancer risk stratification, breast density, and early breast cancer detection. Her primary goals are to promote appropriate breast screening and to be responsible for increasing women’s health resources in our community.

On a more personal note, Dr. Yousif’s recreational hobbies include sketching, painting in watercolors, spending time with family, and surrounding herself with positive people who have a healthy funny bone.